How it all works


The Creative process

Our expert team of scriptwriters, producers, directors and actors are here to help showcase you in the best possible light. Every showreel crafted specifically to match ‘you’ the individual. No showreel we produce is ever the same and we are proud to be at the cutting edge of original, thought provoking and exciting work.

What separates us from the rest is our undeniable passion and the personal touch we possess to create a bespoke reel for every client who walks through our doors.

Once you’ve filled out your briefing form, we will arrange a skype/phone meeting between you and your allocated scriptwriter who will enter into the exciting process of creating your scripts with you.

Within the meeting your scriptwriter will be tailor making your scenes to best suit you as a professional actor. These scenes will be concisely constructed to fit your casting type and personal preferences as well as achieving what’s needed to catch an industry professionals eye. All the details of your scenes will be expertly thought out including rhythm, character motivation, setting and narrative arc.

The meeting notes will then be emailed to you along with the deposit invoice and our client contract. Once you’ve paid the deposit your scriptwriter will begin the creative process.


Our talented team of script writers work meticulously with you from the very beginning to make sure each scene is tailored to your exact casting type and preferences. We are expertly knowledgable in all genres and will make sure your range and talents are shown to their upmost.

You will receive the 1st drafts of your scenes within 7 working days.

You’ll then have the opportunity to give notes on your scenes and we will deliver the 2nd draft of your scenes within 5 working days.

If a shooting date has not already been arranged then we will set a date to shoot your reel. Your remaining deposit will then be payable at this time this secures the shoot date/Director and allows us to begin constructing your big day.

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Meet the director

A skype/phone meeting will be arranged between you and the Director to discuss style, creative expectations and other logistical and creative endeavours.


Our job is to make you look good. Using the finest in cinematic equipment, editing software and expertise we can do just that.

You will work together with our Producer who will talk you through the creative process of crafting your reel. The Producer will handle everything to do with your shoot. Hiring actors, locations, props and hair and make up choices.


supporting actors

You may wish to use Actors known to you outside of Actors Apparel or we have an exciting and diverse list of Professional Actors available for you to choose from (subject to availability) We ask that you provide £20 expenses in cash for any Actors you choose from our reputable data base.


To ensure that each reel is unique we use client’s homes as our ‘unit base’ for the days shoot. We also shoot in various other locations depending on the nature of the scenes. More often than not there are other locations near clients homes such as streets, parks etc that are excellent for shooting in. We always work with clients to ensure we get the very best locations for the shoot. We also have a comprehensive list of locations on our books to suit a variety of shoots. These locations are usually priced between £30-£40 per scene. Your Producer is always on hand to help you choose the best settings for your shoot.

The shoot

We typically set a call time for 8am and turn over at 9am.

You will have an opportunity to rehearse the scenes with the Director and supporting actor and do any necessary blocking before the turning over of each scene.

Depending on how many scenes you have we typically wrap at either 5pm or 7pm.

the edit

After a successful shoot you will be given a date of when to expect the 1st draft of your edit which will typically be 10 days after the shoot. You will have the option to give notes on this draft. We recommend you take a few days to consider your notes.

After you have approved the final cut of your reel on Vimeo we will send you a link to download your file.

We will be able to help and advise you on any web uploads that you need for your reel.