Actors Apparel are an award winning Showreel Company who have helped countless actors gain that vital leading edge in a highly competitive industry.

Whether you’re looking to get signed by a top acting agent or get fast tracked through auditions, we can write, shoot and edit a professional showreel that will help you get noticed.

We specialise in producing high quality showreels for actors who are serious about a career on screen. We understand how difficult it is to pursue a career as an actor in the film and television industry, especially when you’re on that first rung of the ladder. Getting an agent or that first big break can take time; time to perfect your art, time to build up a decent acting showreel, time to get casting directors to recognise you.

In most cases it will take 2 – 3 years of being cast in low-to-no budget short films to pull enough material together to create a 5 minute showreel, even then you still need to try and get the footage from the filmmakers, and pay an editing company to put the material together for you (that is of course if the material is even worth using in the first place). We completely cut out those first few years of struggling by working closely with you to tailor a reel that shows you in the best possible light.

With over ten years experience of working in the Industry, the Actors Apparel team have worked on both; big-budget shows produced by HBO, BBC, ITV and C4 as well as creating low-to-no budget films, music videos and promos.

Our clients go on to secure agents and get invited to more auditions. Having a showreel that is completely tailored to your talents and strengths, opens up the opportunities you need in order to take your career to the next level. In this day and age the traffic of actors is higher than ever. If you don’t have a great showreel, industry professionals simply won’t take you seriously. The only way to ensure that you’re ahead of the game is to make sure your portfolio is up to scratch.

For more information please watch examples of our showreels, or download our brochure.