Nice things about us
from some of our clients.

“I loved working with Fran and Duncan. What a team! Their skills compliment each other and their whole approach means you get great follow-through and follow-up. You can′t help but get an original product with their style. They are also very approachable and open to ideas and great at brainstorming. Couple this with their writing skills and you′re on to a winner. Great producing experience too – just make sure you are organised! The only sad part was that I had to return to my day job afterwards! One more thing – trust Duncan′s direction on the day – he′s good!”
Claire A.Porterfield

“Working with Actors Apparel has been an absolute pleasure. They have provided a professional service from my initial enquiry to my completed showreel. They lovingly catered to all my creative needs along with being professional, prompt and polite. They were extremely easy to work with & I would highly recommend using Actors Apparel for all your showreel needs…I know that I will…”

“Just checking in with you to say since having my showreel (for one month) I got booked direct for two online commercials and a film and have had some real compliments on it. So just wanted to say THANKS!”
Karis Pentecost

“I got my showreel with Actors Apparel and then got an agent. Happy days!”
Carla Nicholls